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Custom Illustrated Special Occasion Card or Invitation

$50.00 USD

Basically, you tell me what you want drawn for your card, and who it’s for, and I will draw it up. This could be for a birthday card, for Mother’s day, a party invitation or for any type of occasion.

The key is that I like drawing people, (and pets and other stuff too), and I love telling funny stories with drawings. 

I will leave anything text heavy to you, (like party details, or a written message), but if there is a story that requires a speech bubble, I will gladly do that.

We will email and if you want, you can send a me a picture or two. I will send you a digital file, and I can do tiny edits, but not a whole lot of changes. If you love it, hooray! Use it however you please. If you hate it, well….. I will be very sorry, and I really hope that you don’t hate it entirely, because that’s a pretty strong word….

You won’t hate it….I’m pretty sure. 

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